Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have class.....

Box class that is!! I had my first class with two of the classiest ladies - Joyce and Chele - and we had a ball!!

I got to the store, hoping that I'd finish cutting the paper/ribbon and stamping the last few items before they came. My latte didn't help and my blood pressure was rising....why was I worried about these two??? Just the jitters I remember when I had to get up in front of the class to do a book report. As you get older, it is supposed to get easier - right? NOT!!

No worries we started the class, I did the easy boxes first, led me up for the big fall at the end. No, I didn't forget to cut paper or stamp an image....I TOTALLY forgot how the box was to be scored - A BIG problem when making a box!!! DUH!!! LOL Well I stumbled my way thru it and WA-LA....We finished - like 40 minutes early! (a good thing) Only one other mishap - Chele cut her 2-5-7-10 box on the wrong end and her box was just a little shorter than what it should be....oh well, can't win them all! Her box is still a box.

Got to see Bethany and her new baby girl with her BIG blue eyes. So adorable!!

I haven't had this much fun with a bunch of scrapping buddies in a long time! I feel like I belong - albeit in a little anyway. It's hard when you lose a person who you thought was a best friend for a long they didn't pass, they just went their own way. Maybe I was too busy for them, or they were just tired of listening....who knows. I just miss having someone to hang with on occasion and talk about anything. I guess that's why I'm accumulating alot of cyber friends....Oh well, I guess I'm rambling.....*SNAP*

Unfortunately, I had to leave the fun and return to scolding my Alan for not doing homework and my Mark for not finishing chores from 2 days ago, and a husband that is in REAL LIFE!!

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Scrap for Joy said...

Your class was GREAT! I would never have been able to put those boxes together just by reading the directions (I am impaired that way-LOL) I hope I can remember what we did between laughing and talking so much. I do have to confess to eating a couple of nuggets while I was demonstrating to my husband how each box worked. *sigh* I can resist anything but temptation. Thanks for making it so much fun Bev-good luck on Saturday