Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ok, Soup's on!

I was on a total roll a few weeks ago and then, well, life again.

So without further anticipation, time to show the Bead Soup!

My partner is Beti Horvath at Stringing Fool.  She sent a goodie package of bead goodness.  Mother of Pearl beads, polymer clay, porcelain, stone color, 2 toggles and buttons!  Take a look....
Soup from Beti - Isn't it yummy?  

Now, what I sent her......
Now if itsn't out of her box....he he!

I can't wait to start!  Actually, last night I pulled out the box and started coordinating things together.  I think I'm gonna use the large poly focal and the MOP circles with some of the other beads with black findings (gotta see if I have some if not I'm going shopping!) to make a necklace.  I'll use some of the others to make a matching bracelet.

Stay tuned to see what I make!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Ciao friends!


Peggy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

Kitten said...

Cool soup! Funny you sent Steelers colors, too. I'll be watching to see what you create.

Angela Harris said...

Hi Bev! It's Me :) I've missed seeing all of you guys. Love seeing your new pics and posts! I haven't started blogging again yet. But I started my Etsy shop back up. It feels so wonderful to be creating again :)

Bev said...

Hey Angela! Glad to hear from you and glad your back! We need to catch up! Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!