Wednesday, March 19, 2014

January Swap Pics - REAL Late!

You know when you say that life grabs you by the pants and sometimes doesn't let go?  Well, I think life had my britches in a knot for a few months now.  Do you seem to never get ahead?  Or remember you had to do something and POOF! gone like the wind?

Well, that's been my life lately.  Don't know why....maybe just lack of sleep and the winter weather doesn't help...want to stay in bed like a bear and not come out till Spring!  (which is tomorrow by the way, so I guess I'm too late even for that!!)

So here is my January Swap pics from a Swap for all Seasons.  This is what I sent my Pittsburgh Peep Joyce from Scrap for Joy.  I've known Joyce for a while and met her when we hung out at the scrapbook store.  Boy I do miss those days!

I sent Joyce a little "extra" giftie because I was a few days late mailing.  (see late again!)

Here is what Marie (my person) at Spun by Me sent to me -
A wonderful card and tag and a little package of goodies.  Blue vintage buttons, a little blue doily, and other little bits.  What a great partner!

Well, this was January....Stay tuned for February!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Ciao Friends!


Scrap for Joy said...

Loved my "blues" and the key pendant has attracted lots of positive attention. Of course, everyone wants to know if I made it but I'm honest, always saying that blogging friends are the most gracious and giving friends.
Thanks again're almost caught up!
I still miss the store, too!

Kitten said...

Cool stuff...both what you sent & what you received. I especially love that crochet piece...reminds me of the doilies & runners & pillowcases I have from my Grandma. It's great you're getting caught up on blogging about the swaps!