Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Antiques

Warm weather in January in the 60's who knew??  No, no fibs here!  It was sooo nice to have no coat on and the open road.  Saturday I slept in then decided to take a day trip to the cottage to check on things and stop at two of my favorite shops.  No men on this trip!  After a tough week at work, I needed the quiet and space to do my own thing at my own pace.

The lake was still a little frozen and there were people fishing from shore and even a guy in the shallow end of the lake  - yep, in the lake - fishing.  I wouldn't be that brave.

Anyway, here is a pic of my finds.  I saw the HUGE lazy susan used as a display and knew I had to have it.  The little kid boots I will use as planters for some over growing plants in my office - a nice addition when we move.  They look like frogs - right??  And the other stuff I will be using in my the need arises.

Memorial service tomorrow for my cousin and back to work on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoyed the warm weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.....

Ciao friends!

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