Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Hidden Vintage Halloween Kits!

Ok, slacker here.  Life's just been so so busy, that I've lost track of time!  Next week is Halloween already! WOW!

Now for those of you who are last minute crafters, here are the next set of Halloween Kits released at Deviant from Hidden Vintage Studios.  Put them all together or just work off of one kit.  Either way, they are great kits and are very affordable!  Enjoy!

Just a little digital tag I made from one of the last kits....

Next up is Thanksgiving and new kits will be arriving soon.  Great way to make those special place holders for your special dinner or send that special card to those who live far away. 

Thanks for visiting today!

Ciao Friends!

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South City Hues said...

Hi Bev. Hope you are well. These are FUN!