Saturday, February 11, 2012

HVS update...

Well, as soon as it was there, it was gone...POOF!  The HVS announcement has been put on hold for awhile. 

A digital image kit startup with some awesome artists that had to put it on hold so they can get ahead of the game.  I was asked to be on their creative team...I was so honored!  A real opportunity to learn the digital world and make some awesome stuff. 

I will hopefully be able to reveal this to you - just in case I had you hanging onto the edge of your seat - in the near future.

Thank you for being excited for me.

Well, my birthday is here and gone.  Time to go create something.....thank you for stopping by today.

Ciao friends!


Peggy said...

AARGH! Don't you hate when that happens?!? Sending good luck and hurry-up wishes so you can make the Big Announcement soon!

Melissa said...

Well, we are happy to have you on our creative team and happy to tell you, you can do a posting tomorrow night for the grand opening of Hidden Vintage Studios over at!