Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo catch-up

I wanted to catch-up on my picture postings of things I've created for some swaps and what-nots of some time ago - you know how life gets ya-right? (Typical excuse so I use it often!LOL!)

I will start with the oldest first....

This was for a Red Lead Spring swap back in March - like you couldn't tell. I told you it was going to be some time ago! *wink*

This was my second charm swap with Red Lead.  Yes, it is a Heinz Pickle!  It was to be a "green" swap, but because I didn't read, it was to be a recycle - "green" swap.  I think it covered both...what do you think?

This was a little project I was asked to do for a cyber friend who was having a bit of a rough patch in her life.  It was a collaborative project between several cyber friends that a truly made a difference with this random act of kindness.

These were the Thank you cards I made for my son's graduation party.  This was back in June. 

This was an altered altoid tin for Altered Treasure Tin Swap at A Swap for all Seasons.  This was a different type of swap.  I tried feverishly to get this tin to patina!  I tried soaking in vinegar, etc., etc., but to no avail....all I got was RUST!  So I went with it. I also coated it so it wouldn't rust anything else.  I also made a mini book for inside.  My partner was into poems so I chose a few for the front and inside of the tin.  I hope she liked the little extras added inside too.

Well, gotta organize some more pics and I'll be back soon....Thanks for stopping by!

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Scrap for Joy said...

All of your projects are great-love that vintage look! I just read your "things to do" list. Good luck with your goals...I've already failed at my "one word" for this year but I'm not giving up...I will learn to manage myself better! Stay warm....b-r-r-r-r-!