Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 2010!! A New Start....

Hello friends! 

Boy has it been a long time since I've posted! I gave myself an informal break of sorts from posting.  I've still been blog hopping, Facebook'ing, and Tweeting as I am sure you can see.  I really needed some time to sit back, create some things for holiday swaps and gifts and whatnots.  Then over the holidays, my dad had some health issues and I've been absorbed with helping out my parents and Basketball! After some nugging (Kitten), I thought I'd better post soon....

I wanted to change things up a bit - a fresh start if you will.  I also want to think of some new goals for 2010 - Hmmm, let's try 10!  I will list some here that way my friends can hold me to them....

1. I want to definitely post more....more of my creations and less talk about life. 
2. I want to REALLY cut out time to create - each night, or weekend - schedule a time/date. 
3. I need to get organized - big time! (I think this should be #2)
4. I want to host a swap this year....during less stressful times (if there is such a thing).
5. I'd really like to take a road trip and meet up with a blog friend or shop.
6. Do monthly/quarterly challenges on my blog for fun or some group type thing.
7. Promote my friends and their activities more.
8. Post better pictures & give my blog new looks occasionally.
9. Have some fun giveaways.
10.  Start an art journal.  Maybe with swaps and creation pictures or one of each.

There - that's 10!  Easy peasy (to write that is! LOL!)  Now, I want to make sure you hold me to them!  I might even put the list on my side bar....keep me honest! LOL!!  Then at the end of the year, I'll see where I'm at.  Hopefully more fulfilling for me.

It's raining here today...I guess it's better than snow!  Going to get some dinner, then off to organize a little enough for me to finish up some projects, so....

Until tomorrow friends....


Lorie said...

Hey, girl! Good to see you back and I hope to see you soon!

Kitten said...

Hey Bev...
It's great to see you back to blogging...maybe I can be that road trip art friend this year! Nudging you was something I could not resist.