Saturday, April 11, 2009

Topping off a week...

Finally, tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. This week was a trying one-to say the least!

On Wednesday, Alan fell at gym class on his back and head. I was at work and the call came in...."...and we called an ambulance because the gym teacher saw the whole thing and we think he needs checked out." As I came to the realization that an AMBULANCE was must have been serious.

In the split second, work had disappeared from my head and all I could think of was what poor Natasha Richardson went through just a while ago. Can't be true. It could be possible that Alan hit hard enough to cause the same damage? "I want him sent to the hospital so he can be seen. I'll meet them there."

Coming from across town, I beat the ambulance there...and I was quite calm. The ER nurse came up to me to brace me for what he would look like when they brought him in....back board, neck collar, strapped in with his head immobile....doesn't this woman know that just about everyone watches Grey's Anatomy or ER??? I was fine. He came in and his poor little face was in shock...he didn't know what was going to happen.

Then after an assessment we waited for an hour for him to be CT'd and X-rayed. He was in pain, but it was getting better. I figured that the next day would be a killer!

So after about another half hour, the results came in....nothing was wrong. All the scans were normal. WHEW! Such a relief.

By the time we left, Alan wasn't in any pain...the only pain was hunger! He was more concerned about what we were eating and if he'd have this day marked off as a day absent from school.

Things were back to normal. Thursday he went back to school and went to a local theater for the day as part of the stage crew. By the time I picked him up at 8:00, he had a headache. GEESE, not now. Again I thought he might have developed a bleed! Spazz mom got him home and called the dr. The triage on-call said get him back to the ER to be seen. Man. So off we went. After another hour and a half and vitals taken, the doc reviewed the CT and nothing. He had a concussion. Why didn't the ER doc the day before tell me that? All they were worried about was if I had any throw rugs and I had to watch he didn't fall again!! After explaining about what concussions are, we were able to leave. I guess that a second opinion on the original CT scan was worth the $28 ER fee.

After a couple of Tylenol, all is well.

Alan came to work with me today at the choo choo. He had a great time and so did I. Able to spend the day with my son....thankful that this week wasn't any more serious.


Lorie said...

Oh, my gosh Bev! I'm so glad he is scary! You did a great job staying calm...I don't think I would have! :o)

SweetBellaBug said...

OMG! So glad that all is well with Alan...I know for a fact that I wouldn't have been as calm as you... and I watch Grey's too!

mimi said...

OH WOW Bev how frightening!!!! That must have been some fall. I am so glad that all worked out well. Hope you had a great day today with your family.

Scrap for Joy said...

OK girl-you need a major change of luck! Too many things going on in the last month or so. Hope Alan is feeling better by now!