Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swaps, swaps and more swaps!

First off, I'd like to tell you that I was emailed back in December by Jenna Z over at SwapDex to be interviewed on my take on swaps. I was taken back - who me? You want to interview little o'le me? I was thrilled. This is a site that list all kinds of swaps - apron swaps, card swaps, holiday swaps - you got a swap, it could be listed here. This is where I found a couple of swaps that I finally signed up for. I love this site! Here is my interview with Jenna. Thanks Jenna, this was fun!


Now, for the A Swap for all Seasons Winter Whimsey Swap. I've done several swaps here. Linda hosts the best swap and my swap partner was Susie Alles - what a great swapper! Susie doesn't have a blog, so she was a challenge for me. Actually, when I was opening my box, my husband sat there and said, "She really didn't follow the rules, did she?" WOW, was all I could say. We were supposed to put a little something "extra" in with our mittens....Susie went to the extreme. Here is the wonderfull box of goodies she sent me Look at all that stuff! I love my very warm mittens! I have hung my ornament and cozied my sunglasses. Wonderful stuff! Thanks so much Susie!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This was the Very Vintage Valentine Swap that I was in over at Foxgloves, Fabric & Folly hosted by Heidi. This is my second time swapping here. My swap partner was Joyce Greenfield. Joyce was also an awesome swapper. Joyce doesn't have a blog either - another challenge! Here is the box of goodies she sent me.I love the handmade table topper and the kleenex cozie for my purse. The food has been eaten - sweets my downfall! I love everything she sent as well. Another great swapper!!

This is what I sent Joyce. I hope she liked it. I found a small vintage ironstone plate that I hope she didn't already have. I put in some hearts, candles, vintage rick rack and bingo chips. I also included a snowman ornament and some chocolate goodies.

Thanks for being a wonderful swapper Joyce!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, I seem to be on a roll here tonight. I guess the snow, freezing rain, snow, ice, keeping me in today really made me bored! I do have one more post tonight....

Stay tuned....

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Scrap for Joy said...

Wow! That was a great blog post-when you're snowed in, it's nice to have something interesting to read! I love my little fairy domino-she's on my frig. I'll be featuring her picture on my next post. Isn't Susie a phenomenal swap partner? I enlarged your picture to see all the goodies and when I saw the Chai Tea mix I wanted to write to you right away and tell you how good it is!!! Perfect for a cold, snowy day. Hope we can get together next Monday. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!