Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finishing up December - really!

I'm back! Finished reading the catch-up post? If not, you'll need to read it first, trust me you'll enjoy the laugh! (and if you are wondering, the tree is down, the reindeer are put away, but we still have a few remenants of Christmas hanging around - I guess I better get to work or they might still be hanging there next year!)

I wanted to share the snowman I finally finished for a dear friend at work. My sister finished 5, I finished one! (geese-go figure!!)

(Thank you Linda Albrecht for the wonderful idea!)

Now onto the fun gift I made for my boss. You have to know that there is an actual "Grinch" club where I work, which makes the holidays a bit of fun. I was searching for a "Grinch" picture and found one where he was actually hanging on to his trusty dog (do you remember in the movie?). Then the brain cells started to work. I made him a gift card holder. I covered a thred spool for the base and found a scrap of a dial laying around for the pole. I glued that inside and printed the pic of the Grinch and attached. I used an office clip to hold the gift card. I used pipe cleaner for the bling. He loved it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wanted to also show you the wonderful Christmas cards that my friends sent me this year that are so worth me showing off! These girls are so talented and I want to thank them for the warm Holiday wishes.

This one is from Michelle M.

and from Mimi

and Lori

and Jill (my SU Demo)

and Chele (the card was tied so pretty that I was afraid that if I untied it I wouldn't get it back the same way - what a whimp I know!)

and the one I made (or should I say one of the 50+ I made!). I think this was the only impressive part of my Christmas preparations....everything else fell apart!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All in all, the holidays could have been worse-right?. I DID have 12 days off work (#1 job)and accomplished nothing I had set on doing - like clean my scrap area(s)! My husband was sick, then generously gave it to me. And the house is a wreck again! (not surprised here!)

Now onto a new year...2009! An extremely BUSY year!! Can I go back, please?? This year is Confirmation, Prom, Graduation, Graduation Party, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Birthdays, Holidays, Vacations, school pictures (done), financial aid/college applications, (snap!) COLLEGE - How did this creep up on me so fast? EEE-Gaads..HELP!! I'd better get my day planner up to snuff real soon or disaster!

Well, it's late (I typed this ahead) and I'm coughing my head off...hopefully I will get to bed soon and stay asleep. Not to lucky the last couple of nights though.

Until tomorrow friends.....


Scrap for Joy said...

I love your snowman (and the ones your sister made, too)...would you consider teaching this? The Grinch card holder you made was very clever. Some of the cards you received were very familiar to me, too...hahahahaha. I hope some day to actually be organized to make my cards....for any holiday! I admire you women who get so much done and work full-time, too. I can't even keep up my blog very well!
Happy New Year to you Bev-sounds like it's going to be a busy and emotional one for you!

Chele said...

Hey thanks for the shout out on this year's Christmas card. I only made 5 of those very special cards.