Monday, January 12, 2009

Bloggers' Block?

Do you ever have bloggers' block? Want to post but have so much going on you can't think of something worth while to write?

I've just completed one of my New Year goals - read more(ha ha)! I guess I'm off to a good start. (Ok, this was a mini book- 127 pages-but I DID read it!) I got the name of this book from a blog I read daily Notes from the Trenches . If you've never read this blog, it is a MUST! Chris Jordan is an exceptional writer and adds a giggle to my day-always! So on her blog, she mentioned this book:

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason (Author)

It looked like a good read. I got it out of the library and finished it within the week. It had a lot of ideas, but was a little short on each idea, so I'm glad I didn't buy it. It wasn't the funniest either. So I'd give it a so-so rating.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I also found a book I bought last year or so by Nicholas Sparks (my favorite author-I've read almost all his books) titled "Dear John". All I have to say, I'm NOT a true novel reader (or book reader at that-I'm a more visual person), but if you pick up any of Sparks novels, you won't be disappointed! I have 3 of his books left to read and I can't wait to finish. I have to watch when I decide to read because most times it relaxes me so much I fall asleep!! It has nothing to do with the book either. Does this happen to you?

I'd like to know if you are reading anything now - leave me a comment. Maybe we can start a pass-it-on book club...what do ya think?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On another note, I finished my dominoes for the January Domino Swap over at Red Lead Paperworks Yahoo group. I also made a couple extras for some gifts, so maybe I'll just post a sneek peek.

I will also have to post a sneek peek of the Mitten Swap that I'll be mailin' out on Thursday, and my Very Vintage Valentine Swap box that I will be mailing next week.

I've been one busy girl!!

Hope to see who's reading books, and those reading my blog! (wink, wink!) Time to open the book 'cause it's getting late and time for bed.....

Until tomorrow friends.....



Kudzu said...

How did I miss all your recent posts? I love the snowman with the little newspaper hat! Goodness, I wanna make one of mine a hat just like it :D I had so much fun making the snowmen jars..the more I made the better they came out, til I was taking apart the first ones and re-doing them!
I'm laughing with you over decorating the can laugh with me when I tell you how taking mine down goes!(yeah it's still up!)

Vicki C said...

Oh .. I totally get what you mean by blogger block. Some days I think.. "What do I write about"... My life is boring. lol