Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Late Halloween and other stuff...

I'm sorry for not blogging lately, but I have a ton of things happen'in in my life.

For one, I am sure glad the election is O-V-E-R!!! One more minute of commercials, news coverage, etc. and I was about to explode!!! Enough said about that!

Onto more important things....Halloween was a great night with 60's weather here in the 'Burgh! Up and down the street....Jolynn was the first to call it a night, then all she wanted was her "daddy". How cute are these kids(even the big ones!)???

Here is a picture of some Halloween goodies that my friend Michelle made for me. What talent! I wish she had a blog to share with everyone. Here is a card she made.

This is a "fake" scary book....so cool!!

I was busy working on a wall plaque and baby book for a baby shower last week and it was cram time! I think I'm a procrastinator...I was up the night before till 1:30a.m. trying to finish! I even had to take all my goodies to basketball practice so I could get everything wrapped before the shower (I did it in the back of the van!) Obviously, I didn't get to take any pictures of the book, but here is a picture of the wall hanging I did. I didn't want to add too much stuff to it because I didn't know her style or what the baby's room looked like, so I went conservative.

As I mentioned before, basketball has started! Finally an indoor sport! Alan's travel soccer team did great with a record of 9-0-1! Undefeated!! A great bunch of kids that work real well together. Now, basketball everyday practice and twice a week games. A great excuse to leave work early.LOL!

And, I took over Mark's spot at the mall kiddie train. It looks like I'll be working mostly weekends because I can't get to the mall early enough from my "real" job. What a happy job! I love all the little ones' excitement and their eyes getting so big when they ride. I think this job is an excuse to get out of my messy, boring, and lonesome house - even with everyone home. More "me" time and getting paid to do it - not bad.

And, now that my guest design team work is done with IAAS, I am getting started with the three swaps I'm in for the holidays. I have their badges on the right - stop by and visit their sites/Flickr often to see what we are up to!

The one I can't wait to finish is the Mitten Swap. I started "felting" a wool sweater I bought at the Goodwill store the other day in order to make my mittens! I've washed that thing like 4 times - including putting it in the dryer - and it has shrunk like 4 times too! It is so small, I think one of the triplets could wear it!!!LOL!! Boy, if you haven't tried it, be prepared (especially with the wool) to have fuzz EVERYWHERE!!! I think I could make an extra set of mittens with all the fuzz that came off that thing. Well, anyway, I can't wait to start cutting and sewing. I will try to post some "peeks" along the way. If it works out, I might just make some more for Christmas gifts!

I also pulled out the bucket with all my snowman supplies - I think I'll be making a couple chenille snowmen for the holidays as well - maybe for the other "swappies". Super simple, just time consuming....I have to see if I have any dyed chenille or if I have to do that too. Again, I'll try to post some "peeks", so stay tuned!!

Thanks for stopping and hanging in there.

Until tomorrow friends....


In case any of you have been following Gypsy Rose Paperie...their site has been down for some time now, and I had just read that there was a recent tragedy in their circle. They are still planning to send out their orders shortly.

Please keep them in your thoughts.


Lorie said...

Wow girl! You are busy! I hope everything is really okay! Hugs to you!

Vicki C said...

Oh my , have you ever been a busy girl! Love the wall hanging! Cute card and CUTE kiddos!

Kudzu said...

Oh Happy Halloween there! Love your new stuff :D