Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What a great weekend. A long weekend. BEFORE school this year and NO BASEBALL or SOCCER!!! Yahoo!

One thing that really threw me for a loop, was that both BOYS actually WANTED to play a board game-Scrabble! Board game WITH the parents! WOW!! I just had to take a pic of this one... The first game was loaded with questionable words, but we continued on(making our own rules)and actually played a game every night! Can you believe it?? With two teenage boys???

Saturday, everyone came up to visit. We weren't sure my parents would make it as my dad had another health issue, but they made it. My sister and the family came up and we had a great day fishing at the lake.

Me and my sis went to the local antique store and met everyone later to fish. I did pick up a hanky ($1), more jars for my buttons, a couple packets of rick rack($1 ea), a pair of baby shoes (for $2.50!), and a "Log O' Life" book. I will try to post some pics and maybe scan some pages to share with you. What a great day!

Here is Pap teaching Jolynn how to fish. Then Jolynn playing with the worms that Markie needed for his hook. How cute is it when Girls play with Worms?? (note: by the end of the day she had a squished worm that she had as a pet-ewe!!) Everyone headed home that day, and we played another game of Scrabble.

Sunday, we spent the day fishing - Markie actually went with us while Alan hung out at the cottage and finished a puzzle he started. We ate and rented a movie for the evening...and played another game of Scrabble. (You'd think we'd be pros by now- right?) You also must know that we do have tv, but only 2 air wave channels - 4 if there is no wind and everyone holds their breath! LOL!! We got the new box for it and can actually watch a non-fuzzy screen, but occasionally we get a few blips when the signal goes out. It can get annoying at times too. Cottages should be without tv, but I'm a news watcher and it is still weird not hearing about Pittsburgh news, but at least you'll know if it will rain or not.

Monday we cleaned up and headed home early to get back in the swing of things for work the next day. All in all it was a great summer ending weekend. Next, fall and closing up for the winter.

I think I'll just think about the first day of school tomorrow, my day off to take those first day of school pics, and getting caught up on some of MY things.

Until tomorrow friends....

ETA>>>OOPS..I forgot to share my beautiful sunflowers I planted at the cottage...I just love sunflowers....Enjoy!

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Lorie said...

I can believe your boys wanted to play games with you guys! Mine do the same...they are still kids after all! Sounds like you all had a great weekend! :o)