Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Vintage Finds

I'm just dying to show you the stuff I got when I was on vacation. Although I didn't take pictures of everything, I'm sure you will know what I'm talking about.

Well, I've been looking everywhere for this vintage cake cover - you know the ones your grandmother had that when she made a round cake for dessert she'd cover it so it wouldn't go stale? My MEN at home don't like to cover things so I was on the hunt....I found one in great shape for $11! That made my whole vacation!!!

I also found at the same place a vintage drugstore pamphlet, another Lotto game and Bingo game, a stack of cards with numbers on both ends - there was 150 cards - 10 of each number up to 15 for $3! I think they are from a game called "Flinch" but I could be wrong. (and too young to know what kinda game it is anyway!!*wink*)I also got a bunch of real old "Old Maid" cards - not a set but close to it I guess. I just love these! I don't think I'll be making anything from them. Sorry I didn't take pics of these - I guess I was pic'd out!

Then I drove past a garage sale at the end of the road. This was sitting in the driveway. Another gentlemen was standing, looking at it and I said as I drove by, "Boy, they must want a fortune for this - all I'd probably do is put it as a yard ornament!" So there's me going around the corner for another look (you know I just had to!!) - maybe the guy left (this was another "GOD TAP") - YEP!! I had to ask how much - a bargin I thought! I tried to fit in the trunk to bring it home - it just fit! Here it is....Guess what I paid for it???? TEN DOLLARS!!!! Well, if you look closely, you can see it does have a bunch of rust. I'm not able to find out how old it is, BUT......it actually works and it has 3 wheels and I won't fall off! I even tried it out and it didn't fall apart!! It doesn't have breaks, so we will need to fix that problem for sure! I figured we are close enough that one day I might just ride this puppy into town for some groceries!! HA HA HA!!! Only after the breaks are installed of course!! One upside, it has new tires! If it doesn't work as a mode of transportation, I think it WILL look just as nice as a lawn ornament!!

Then my son accompanied me to the last antique stop on my trip. I think he enjoyed himself - it was a huge place! He found himself a little set of wrenches and a Pirates bottle opener. (Don't know why - I think it was only for nostalgic purposes)

There I purchased an old milk box that you would have had on your porch for the milk man. I just had to have it 'cause my name was written all over it!! It has Beverly Farms Milk painted there right on the front!!! *wink* I even have a milk bottle with my name on it too that I got a while ago. I even picked up a vintage pink dotted chenille bedspread for $8!

Here is a pic of some glass jars that I picked up for $2 each. I plan on putting my wrapped ribbons in them and I have a ton!!! I bought sooo much ribbon when the LSS closed it was unreal!! There is actually one there from Italy (my nationality-can you see me talking with my hands?) and it's the biggest one of the bunch! And lastly, a pic of a number of things I hunted in the piles dearly for.... 3 bags of buttons $1 each (there was one bag with the coolest buttons - the holes were enormous!); a little chicken feedsack; a pack of vintage trim; a 1967 calendar from the area (it's only one year younger than I am so I had to have it - Yes, I'm 40 something!!); a 1954 calendar book; a First Aid book; and a book of games from the 60's like you'd play at a baby shower, but this was for birthdays. All these were only a couple bucks a piece. All in all a great day!! Whew!!! You probably think I am broke now and very out of breath (my hands hurt a little too)! I guess not posting for a while I got things all bottled up! Glad you could stop by and enjoy my finds....

Until tomorrow friends.....


Lorie said...

Great stuff! I haven't been antiquing in forever...lucky girl!

Scrap for Joy said...

Wow! For a girl who didn't used to be very interested in vintage stuff, you not only jumped on the bandwagon, I think you're driving the bandwagon! What a great haul! The bike is beautiful and yes, your cards are Flinch cards....I played Flinch when I was a kid, years before your time. ((wink))
I think I'll just give you some money and let you shop for me :)

Chele said...

I so love that bike! I like the whole 3 wheels thing - I'm not so stable on 2 either...hehe... I still have a little package to send you - sorry I've been a slacker! ~m