Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vintage, Shabbychic, Me...

I took the day off yesterday 'cause the kids had off school and I figured I'd get the van's oil changed and the weather was great too!! Hubby surprised me and stayed home too - a bonus! (someone to hold down the fort!) So, being he was home, MOM TIME~~~YIPPEE!!!

I wanted to go the the Antique Mall by me for so long, now was my chance! I also had to get my hair cut - I was starting to look like a drenched dog! So I browsed the antiques - nothing here jumped out at me....oh well.

On my way out, I called the beauty shop to see if they could fit me in - YES!! WoW, 2 things accomplished, oh ya -3, I got the van washed just before that too.

So I had some more time to waste....why not more shopping - right?? There is this cute little store by me in Mt Lebanon - Vicar Home & Garden (sorry, no web site). Just what I need - I love this store!!! Antiques, shabbychic stuff, garden things....just my speed!!

You are probably surprised by this, because my work is so....hmmmm, I don't know....different! I love antiques - they remind me of my grandparents that I miss soo much. Antiques have so much history, warmth, and had a purpose in someones life once - sooo deep!

I also love watching Antiques Roadshow too!! (not only for the history of the things brought in, but maybe I might see something I have that will be worth a fortune that I only paid a buck for!!! LOL!!)

Ok, now with about an hour to waste, I must have circled this small shop 3 times, trying to make sure I didn't miss anything. (I even turned off my cell phone so no one would call me!!)

So here are my finds....

*A book - Word Finder- cir. 1921 $4 (it has words listed and pronounciations - about 150 pages) I'm gonna so hate to cut it up.

*A mossy cement frog - $12. (did I tell you I like frogs??? LOL!!!)

*2 Little shabbychick photo holders - $4 ea. ( I just had to have 2 - they are soo cute!)

*Matching picture easle $8 (gotta have it-matched the other holders)

Not included was the distressed chair they are sitting on for their picture - this was another garbage day find and it sits on our front porch.

While I was checking out, we talked about when they were opened and the clerk said the owner was looking for someone to fill in...hmmmm a doable thing maybe??

I have so neglected ME. Working at my LSS is something I love to do for ME!! (even though the extra $ goes towards car insurance and gas for the 16 year old until he get a job) I think my day job is OK, but I need more fun ME TIME! I so have neglected my flower gardens too, so I think this is the year I will get them straightened up - more fun ME TIME!

Thanks for stopping and learning a little more about me.

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Monica said...

Very cool things you found! I read your blog all the time but have never commented. Thought I'd let you know you have an avid reader from Florida!

Lorie said...

What a fun day you had. Great goodies you found too! :o)

Scrap for Joy said...

Well, I never thought it would rub off but it has a little. Vintage hunting is lots of fun. Your finds are adorable...hafta love the frog! Now you know why the rest of us are so crazed when we find an old Bingo game or a jar of buttons. I'm proud of you for joining the Junque Queens!

dpkennedy said...

Wow, sounds like a great day! Love when they once year it feels like! Enjoy your new treasures!