Monday, April 14, 2008

Sad news from MFT....

To all who read my blog, A friend of Kim van der Sanden at My Favorite Things stamp company has lost her battle with cancer. Please read Kim's email she forwarded (probably to all of her customers) and what she's doing to help out the family: (Please visit my blog for avtice links and all the deets!)

A few months ago, I posted on my blog about a friend, Tish, who’d been diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer. Tish battled through 6 rounds of chemo only to discover two additional tumors, one on her spine and one in her stomach. My heart fell when I read her Caringbridge post which broke the news. Since her diagnosis last August, the family has held the motto of DRIVE ON! in dealing with this aggressive cancer and fought a valiant fight.

Tish lost her battle early Tuesday morning, and I found out about it late last night. Tish leaves behind two beautiful, young sons, and a hubby, Todd, who I worked with for several years in my past life. I know Todd much better than I knew Tish, and know just how difficult this has been and will continue to be for the immediate future.

Todd was the most compassionate, tender-hearted *boss* I’ve ever had, and I want more than anything to really help this family. So what I’ve decided to do is two-fold:

1) Starting tomorrow, I am offering a 10% discount on ALL stamps on the site. Use the coupon code Tish at checkout to receive 10% off all all the stamps in your shopping cart. (It won’t discount your other merchandise, just stamps.) The coupon code will run from Tuesday, April 15th-Friday, April 18th.

2) I will donate 10% of ALL proceeds (including money spent on other items on the site) to the family at their April 26th benefit.

I am making it my goal to personally make the payment the FL College Pre-Paid plan for the boys during an entire year which will be about $1200. Please help me reach this goal.

Many hugs,


If you don't know about this company, they have pretty cool stamps and I have purchased some of their stamps myself. Please give them a look-see and help out if you can.

Thanks...Huggs! Bev

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