Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Craft Show - Binder Clips

Here is a picture of the binder clips I decided to try for a quickie project for the next craft show. I found these by blog hopping and you should be able to find ideas on them on the SCS Gallery. It is real simple to do. Wrap and adhere paper to the black bottom part of the clip. Embelish with a tag, ribbon, etc. I put glue dots at the top where the ribbon is to stop the card or picture you have from sliding down to the bottom. Surprisingly, these are very sturdy and you can display your cards without a problem. Thanks for looking!

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Tara said...

Hi Bev - glad you stumbled across my blog. I'll have to add you to my LONG list of blogs-to-read! I love these binder clips - never saw them before! Totally cute!!!