Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Blog is out...

Well, I'm back at work (as of yesterday) and bored silly! I was able to get my Blog out to a number of friends and even received a few comments - THANKS!! Now, I have to figure out how to find them on their blog site and add to my "Inspiring Blogs" part. I've been able to do a few, but not the ones I REALLY want. I also need to figure out how to get others to visit....hmmm the next feat!

I also need to post a few more projects I've done - just to keep you interested I hope! I was out at lunch yesterday and bought a few new stamps at Stamp Fanci (see link) that I couldn't wait to try out...pumpkins and a turkey - both new by Great Impressions. Soo cute! I did a few pumpkins last night and might make them into place cards or invites for Thanksgiving - right around the corner ya know. I will try to post a pic of them when they're done and I get a chance.

I was running with the boys last night - Alan stayed after school and had soccer practice at 6:30 at the same field Mark (the highschooler and new driver) had baseball practice till 6. Then we did a switcherooo. I took Mark to eat then went back to the field so I could work on some of my stamping while waiting for Alan to finish. I am quite productive on practice nights so I don't mind waiting - and it saves gas too!

My stomach is growling and my stamping is burning a hole in my it must be time for lunch!

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